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Despite the web address this site is not only about blues music.
Yes there is a music blog over here.

But this site is a way to connect like minded folks to share our enthusiam for music and technology. You're more than welcome to join us.

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Looking Forward to Connecting

We're thinking of using Discord to communicate and our various interests would be the Discord channels on our server. If you want to try this out feel free to join our Discord Server.

Click here to join the worldofblues.com Discord server

Worldofblues.com Discord Server Channels


This channel is where we go to share stuff not specific to any of our other channels.


This channel to discuss technology. Maybe we can create specific channels for specific topics as they evolve.


Worldofblues.com started as a blog. This channel is for input as to where you'd like to see it go be it blog or other directions.

For the Love of Music

This is where we share our love of music be it recognition of an artist, song, label, lessons, website...