– WOW!

For the last year and a bit I’ve been subscribed to for online guitar lesson. I’ve been ok with the lessons and if I was more dedicated, well I would probably be in my sixties still trying to learn how to play guitar but I digress. Anyway if I was more committed I’m pretty sure Truefire would provide all I’d ever need to become an accomplished guitarist. I take a lesson every other month or so and enjoy it and for the price its good value even for my limited usage. All to say Truefire is an awesome site for learning guitar, I’d recommend it and will continue to subscribe.

That said I guess I just want to be taught the songs I want to learn and I’ll apply it more generally to other songs and the like, well, when I get around to it. So it blew my mind when I came across

Kirby has over 1000 acoustic cover guitar lessons by over 800 artists. Re-read that and think about it for a minute. Now this is not just strum along here are the chords unless that’s how the song goes. From my limited experience these are comprehensive lessons including a solo break for most songs and awesome sounding acoustic solo arrangements. Check this Tennessee Plates by John Hiatt arrangement Kirby has provided.

IMHO that’s a very high quality cover. I’ve purchased the lesson and wow! It’s all there, chord breakdowns, rhythm and the solo all in a very personable humble lesson so close to any private in person song lesson I’ve ever had it just blew me away. Its not beginner stuff though. it will take time and dedication to apply the lessons learned but if you wanted watered down chording and over simplification close copies of how to play originals, well, there is lots of that out there on YouTube for free.

If you’re wanting to learn some awesome acoustic covers or popular tunes please check out

Thanks Kirby for all the hard work and these great lessons.