Got It need IT

I love going to the record store and picking up music but frequently I find myself wondering if I have the album I find. Other times I’ll come across a garage sale or music store or some other random collection of music for sale and find myself trying to recall what band or tune recently caught my attention that I want to keep a look out for.

The problem is worse still with online shopping. Now I can pick up just a track so I have the tune but I tend to want the entire album and I enjoy the experience of shopping locally and supporting the record stores. So now I have a track from an album I want to pick up but when I get to the store , well, you know I fall into that cycle of what I got and what I need.

But even in the There just seems to be an unlimited number of issues I run into when it comes to tracking and organizing my music collection. Just a few other examples:

  • Remembering songs I want to learn to play
  • Recalling albums I want to stream to see if I want to own them
  • Making note of music I want blog about
  • Choosing which album will have the best recording of a specific track
  • Finding covers of songs I love

To solve this problem I started to write my own web app that I could access anytime on my phone. I called it “Got It Need It” and you can see it here.

It’s early days and there is not much there in terms of functionality yet. I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem or an interest in using the application. If so please feel free to email me gotitneedit @ or discuss it on the worldofblues discord server.

Thanks for reading.