A New World

I’ve had this site for 15 years now. I’ve had lots of content then lost it (thanks GoDaddy). I’ve changed directions a few times but with a URL like Worldofblues.com the changes seemed sacrilegious. But I’m sort ofa fanatic about not being fanatical so the seemingly randomness of the site made sense to me.

To be sure blues was what pulled me into music but as I became a better guitar player I realized it was the words and acoustic sounds I was really in love with. So with that said the worldofblues.com has started anew once again.

I’ll be focusing on promoting music I love and all the things related to playing, listening and learning more about the music. Some will be blues, some not, and some will be acoustic but, I have been playing the electric guitar more and more so who knows where that will take us.

My hope is to find like minded people who will share their musical gems with me and to help promote the music and musicians who have entertained me . Please contact me if you have suggestions of music to listen to or other ideas for the site to help with these goals. Thanks, Fred.