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Climax Blues BAND

My love of blues all started when I first heard the Climax Blues Band‘s first album back when they were known as the Climax Chicago Blues Band. What more can I say than this album made me a life long blues fan and to this day it’s still one of my favorite albums.

The founding members of this group were Colin Cooper, Pete Haycock and Derek Holt (which blues.gr did a fine interview with). In 1983 George Glover joined the group and the group’s most recent recording was in 2019 and they still tour, mostly in Europe apparently, in 2020. Checking out their website they look like a great group to catch in concert.

Other than the sentimental favorite first album my next favorite was Sense of Direction and specifically the tune Nogales.

With 22 albums to date this band definitely has a repertoire worth checking out. If you’re familiar with this band and have a favorite tune I’d love to hear about it. Thanks for reading.